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IVM Shiksha, is a leading MI and DMIA resource Company. IVM Shiksha offers several program, certification, authentications, training, remedies and other related knowledge  on the subject of MI and DMIA and is a well known Dermatoglyphics brand.

IVM Shiksha is dedicated to developing and providing the best computer assisted behavioral and biometric assessment, profiling and diagnostic aids such as Dermatoglyphics Software, based on study of Dermatologist and DMIT. IVM SHIKSHA & associates are staffed with highly skilled professional trainers, Dermatological practitioners and marketing personnel. Our commitment stands to reach out to more individuals for the betterment of their lives through Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence tests.

By perfecting our business model and customer experience, we will help everyone discover their innate abilities and take them to unprecedented heights based on dermatoglyphics analysis.

Together we with our associates in India have a team of professional Dermatological practitioners and lecturers specially trained to cater to the local market through DMIT franchise report program.

About IVM Shiksha


Dermatoglyphics is the study of ridged skin patterns (also known as dermatoglyphs) which can be found on fingers, palms, toes and soles. These patterns are formed...


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IVM Shiksha Nurture

The first six years is the basis of life for everyone. It is said that first six years of a child is the GOLDEN period of his life...

IVM Shiksha Nuture

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Benefits of DMI Test

Benefits Of DMI Test

DMIA Analysis Reflects,Neocortex Study, Eight Multiple Intelligence – Pattern & Values and Percentage of Brain Lobe Activities with Functions...

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